Charles Attend

Once upon a time there was Charles, a charming magician, handsome, tall and strong.
Charles is waiting for her, but she doesn't come...
He decides to believe in love anyway and follows his lucky star!
Fortunately, because he will meet you...
Magic, humour, poetry, a whole programme!
Show from 2 to 555 years old

Conditions : indoor/outdoor
Stage : Width : 4 à 8 metres
Depth : 4 à 5 metres
Height : 4 à 5 metres
Sound and Light : Stand-alone show, one plug is enough.
However, any additional luxury is welcome.
Space : Venues, theatres, bars, marquees, streets,
MJC, libraries, fields, gardens, playgrounds,
living rooms, kitchens, baths, roofs and much more.
Duration : 35min à 1h
However, if the location does not meet the criteria,
don't hesitate to call me, we'll make arrangements.