Charles Attend

Making the impossible possible is what Charles Attend will try to do for almost an hour, not alone but with you....
Open your eyes and hatches wide, humour, tenderness and poetry are on the agenda.
An interactive show for 5 to 555 years old!

Conditions : indoor/outdoor
Stage : Width : 4 à 8 metres
Depth : 4 à 5 metres
Height : 4 à 5 metres
Sound and Light : Stand-alone show, one plug is enough.
However, any additional luxury is welcome.
Space : Venues, theatres, bars, marquees, streets,
MJC, libraries, fields, gardens, playgrounds,
living rooms, kitchens, baths, roofs and much more.
Duration : 35min à 1h
However, if the location does not meet the criteria,
don't hesitate to call me, we'll make arrangements.