Charles Attend

A brand new, hot show that will blow your mind.
Charles Attend himself does not always understand how the audience is able to guess so many things.
A lot of mentalism, but not only that, the show also has a great part for children.
spectacle 1 possible

Conditions : indoor/outdoor
Stage : Width : 4 à 8 metres
Depth : 4 à 5 metres
Height : 4 à 5 metres
Sound and Light : Stand-alone show, one plug is enough.
However, any additional luxury is welcome.
Space : Venues, theatres, bars, marquees, streets,
MJC, libraries, fields, gardens, playgrounds,
living rooms, kitchens, baths, roofs and much more.
Duration : 35min à 1h
However, if the location does not meet the criteria,
don't hesitate to call me, we'll make arrangements.